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Stella offers cutting-edge biological treatments like the Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) to treat PTSD and other mental health challenges. Apart from treating the symptoms of trauma, SGB can also augment the results of other therapies, helping patients improve their quality of life significantly.

For patients to receive SGB treatment, a referral is required. To find out how to best refer your patient or to learn more about our interventions, email:
Stella expanded its operations to Australia in 2021. With a small and highly skilled team of interventional proceduralists, Stella has successfully treated hundreds of patients with the DSR SGB advanced technique.

Measuring Success By Lives Changed

Stella Centre’s goal is to enhance patient accessibility for those experiencing Post traumatic stress symptoms that negatively impact their quality of life.
In September 2023, Stella’s clinical team published a retrospective study on the Australian experience.
Dr. Lipov poses for a picture

Changing PTSD to PTSI

It’s an injury, not just a disorder: Dr. Eugene Lipov, Stella’s Chief Medical Officer, through his vigorous advocacy efforts, is seeking to redefine “Post Traumatic stress disorder” to Post traumatic stress Injury and therefore, reducing the stigma that is associated with PTSD.

The SGB is a medical intervention that can assist patients in activating their healing potential by reducing  their barriers to therapy.

Dr. Lipov and Dr. Springer pose for a picture

A review conducted by Mary Summers et al in 2016 found evidence of substantial beneficial psychiatric effects that supports the use of SGB for treating PTSD symptoms. Furthermore, a narrative review by Dr Patel et al 2019, provides health professionals a great summary into the use of the Stellate Ganglion Block to treat post traumatic stress disorder. 

In 2023, Dr Lynch and colleagues also published a case series of 285 patients on the SGB for anxiety symptoms and the findings are promising.


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